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Human Clones Exist

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  A human clone with modern technology can be generated in less than 36 hours, producing an adult human replica, which brain is then down-loaded with the desired information.  This human clone is human in all respects except that it has no soul.  The soul is a spark of Light or fragment of Creator Source or God Spirit given by Creator Source to each human created by Source.
    The soul is our connection to Creator God, to Source and to all beings in higher dimensions.  Our soul/God Spirit is the basis for our conscience and the knowing of right and wrong, of good and evil.  With no such God-connection a human clone has no guidance system for morals, values or ethics.  That is a basic reason people are so violent and so evil today.
    The human clones today were not all made in the last fifty years by our evil governments.  Genetics engineering goes all the way back to the time of Noah. Clones made hundreds of years ago have reproduced clone children.  As the population grew the percentage of clones increased, until today approximately three quarters of our planet's population, according to Hatonn in the Phoenix Journals, are human clones.
    It is difficult for most people to tell the difference between a cloned human and a souled human.  The most obvious difference is in the eyes.  The souled human's eyes have a bright sparkle, a Light of vibrant energy, whereas the eyes of a cloned human appear dark or vacant or dull or threatening without positive energy present.  Because clones have no inner moral guidance system, they are the source of much evil today.

   Clones make up much of the political world, the military, banking and corporate structures, but also the world of bars and night clubs, casinos, and of drugs, prostitution, homosexual and lesbian practice and pornography.

    Because our planet became the "Jail Planet" for Satan, it became the Darkest, the most evil planet ever, as Satan used human clones to his advantage.  Not all clones behave badly.  Many follow the norms of society and accept the value system evident in their neighborhood.  Very likely your neighbor is a human clone.  Such clones do not stand out and protest the evil activity of the day, because they have no reason to do so.  They are concerned only about their own survival and comfort level, and will do what is necessary to maintain that.
    Those clones under mind control by our government or the Illuminati and higher levels are programmed to do their bidding.  Thus, we see violent crimes committed, killer soldiers produced and ruthless leaders controlling others.  The cloned general public is easily manipulated by T.V., GWEN and various other mind-control methods.  That is probably why so many people do not vote their conscience any more.  They have none!